About us

Ocelot Rubber & Plastic Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specializing in hydraulic fluid technology, implements a diversified, value-driven development strategy, and serves every corner of the world.

Ocelot Rubber & Plastic Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of rubber products such as hydraulic brake assemblies, sand blasting hose, steam hose, compressed air hose, dilute acid hose and alkali resistant rubber hoses, high pressure hoses, metal hoses and other rubber products.


Ocelot Rubber&Plastic has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing and service of Rubber&Plastic accessories; in fact Ocelot Rubber&Plastic has Rubber&Plastic accessories manufacturing experience of over 20 years having achieved great success with R&D and manufacturing of Rubber &Plastic Products for more than 15 years. Ocelot Rubber&Plastic has a tremendous market share that covers more most of provinces in China including and autonomous regions and more than 100 countries.

Production Capability

Ocelot Rubber&Plastic has over 30 sophisticated equipment such as Injection Molding Equipment, Machining centers and etc. Based on these facilities, Ocelot Rubber&Plastic has the abilities of material inspection, R&D and Machining precision parts, what’s more, we can produce all of the kinds of irregular accessories as customers’ requirements.

Technical Capability

The company occupies an area of ​​35,000 square meters and has 500 employees. It has gathered many high-quality technical and business elites in the industry, including 15 senior engineers and 30 scientific and technical personnel. The company has internationally leading manufacturing equipment and completely independent intellectual property rights hardware and The control system has mastered advanced hydraulic fluid technology manufacturing, and has multiple invention patents and global certifications.

Market Standing

Ocelot Rubber&Plastic’s humongous market share and its unrelenting competitiveness in the injection molding market have made us rank Top 10 in China for many years and were also selected as the Pacesetter Enterprise in the Chinese Rubber&Plastic. This warrants enough proof of our distinctive position in the Rubber&Plastic market today.

Customer Evaluation

All the products manufactured by Ocelot Rubber&Plastic are well received by our customers and have gained high appraisal from the society noting certain qualities of our products like energy saving, overall efficiency.


1.Advanced Enterprise of the Hebei Province

2.Trustful Enterprise on Contract Implementation of the Hebei Province

3.Manufacturing unit with the maximum Customer Satisfaction on both Quality and service in the Hebei Province

4.Production Quality Inspection-free Enterprise

5.Most Consumer Trusted Unit of the Hebei Province

6.Good Quality and Efficiency Enterprise of the Hebei Province

7.Top Super Credit Enterprise of Shijiazhuang City

8.Famous Brand Enterprise of Hebei Province