Dredge hose distributor

Dredge hose distributor
Dredge hose distributor

Product Name:Dredge hose distributor

Brand Name: Ocelot

Item No.:Ocelot061

Color: Black

ID Size:100mm-1200mm

Working pressure: 25 bar

Safe factor:5:1

Working Temperature:-20℃-30℃

Length: from 0.8m to 40m

Connection Type: flange

Materials: Rubber,Steel

Cover : Weather resistant synthetic rubber

Reinforcement:cord thread, wire-winding,

Dredge hose distributor Feature:

Dredging hoses are reliable and safe to withstand even the most extreme working conditions. And the main role of the dredging hose is mainly used to clean up the transport of sediment, mud, and other mixed debris.

The fuel oil rubber hose used in the fuel system or in the crankcase of internal combustion engines in mobile(truck vehicles), stationary and marine applications.

This hose will be used in the construction machinery, and play a role in the dredging industry.

Our designers will select the most appropriate materials from a wide range of products available to us to meet service requirements and the demands requested by our clients i.e. in regard to wearing resistance, pressure ratings, tensile strength, bending capabilities, and other parameters.

We not only provide products such as hoses in the dredging industry but also provide customers with comprehensive and meaningful services.

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