Dredging hose supports

dredge hose
dredging hose supports

Product Name:dredging hose supports

Brand Name: Ocelot

Item No.:Ocelot056

Color: Black

ID Size:100mm-1200mm

Working pressure: 35 bar

Safe factor:5:1

Working Temperature:-20℃-30℃

Length: from 0.8m to 30m

Connection Type: flange

Materials: Rubber,Steel

Cover : Weather resistant synthetic rubber

Reinforcement:cord thread, wire-winding

Dredging hose supports feature:

In general, the Ocelot Dredge Hoses consist of an inner lining adjusted to the specific requirement of transported media.

Wear indicator layers can be implemented in the dredge hoses which transport abrasive media.

A textile reinforcement of high tensile strength will control the pressure resistance of the dredge hose as well as the tensile strength.

Whereas the outer cover is built up by a rubber compound highly resistant against weathering, UV lights, and Ozone.

On special request, the outer cover can be built with oil-resistant materials.

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