Layout principles and laying methods of dredging pipelines

1.The layout of the dredging pipeline (or runner) line should generally consider the following principles:

(1) Try not to occupy or occupy less farmland;

(2) Avoid passing through urban areas and residential areas;

(3) Combining the selection of the location of the sand pumping station, shorten the pressure pipeline;

(4) Avoid passing through unfavorable geological sections, mining avalanches and flood inundation areas;

(5) It is convenient for construction and maintenance.

2.Laying method of dredging pipeline

(1) Clearly set up-set up the dredging pipe (or runner) on the embankment, road cut, or trestle bridge. Its main advantage is that it is easy to inspect and maintain, so this type is generally used. However, it is greatly affected by the temperature, and it is easy to cause leakage of the expansion joint.

(2) Concealed installation-set up the dredging pipeline (or runner) in the trench or tunnel. Generally, this form is only used when the traffic in the factory area is busy or when the terrain is restricted.

dredger hose
dredger hose
Ocelot dredger hose
Ocelot dredger hose

(3) Buried-Buried the dredged pipeline (or closed runner) directly below the surface. The advantage is that the farmland on the surface can still be cultivated, and at the same time, it is less affected by the temperature, so there are fewer or no expansion joints, so there are fewer accidents of ore leakage; the disadvantage is: once the ore leaks, the maintenance is very troublesome. Some silt pipelines in Donganshan and Tonghua concentrators have adopted this laying method.

In addition, there are also semi-buried forms, that is, the pipeline is semi-buried in the ground or laid along the surface, and simply covered with soil. It can also reduce the influence of temperature changes, even without expansion joints. The pipelines of the silt transportation system should be laid in a straight line as much as possible, the corners of the elbows should be as small as possible, and the elbows with larger corners should be as smooth as possible.

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