Layout principles and laying methods of dredging pipelines

Ocelot rubber plastic Company layout of the dredging pipeline (or runner) line should generally consider the following principles

The correct selection of the high-pressure hose

The correct selection of the high-pressure hose used in the hydraulic mud pump can ensure the safety of the entire hydraulic,control the cost.

Application of sand pumping pipe

and pumping pipes are mainly used for river cleaning, dredging projects, dredging projects, sand pumping projects, sea reclamation projects, port expansion projects, waterway dredging projects and other related slurry transportation projects.

Ocelot Company Built a leading enterprise in high-end smart ocean

With the implementation of the national marine strategy and the development of deep-sea oil resources, there is an urgent need for deep-sea hoses, dynamic hoses, and other high-tech products.

Dredge hose application in the USA

On 28th.Jan 2021, We export the dredge hose for the USA…
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The specific reasons leading to the non-wearing of the dredging pipe

The specific reasons leading to the non-wearing of the …
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Oxygen Hose

Product Name: Oxygen Hose Brand Name: Ocelot Size: 51mm…
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Sand Blast Suction Hose

Product name: Sand Blast Suction Hose Brand name: Ocelo…
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Dredging hose supports

Ocelot Rubber&Plastic dredge hose support is committed to providing users with the best solution for the dredging system.

Dredge hose distributor

Ocelot Dredging hoses are reliable and safe to withstand even the most extreme working conditions, Used for dredgers.