Cement Hose

cement hose
Cement Hose

Product Name: Cement Hose

Brand Name:Ocelot

Model Number: Customized

Material: Natural Rubber


ID: 5~200mm


Reinforcement: Steel Wire Braided

Certification: ISO9001

Cover:Weather Resistant Synthetic Rubber

Cement Hose Application:

softwall hose is suitable for conveying compressed air on concrete vibrators,Used to help settle the concreted layer when building.The hose structure has been engineered to resist kinking.

Available with rubber compound of 90 or 75 shore a hardness.


-10℃–+70℃   (-14℉–158℉)


Tube: Black.smooth SBR/NR rubber compound

Reinforcement:high strength synthetic cord.

Cover:Black,smooth(wrapped finish) SBR/NR rubber compound,weathering resistant.

Cement hose  for truck
Cement hose for truck
Cement hose for building
Cement hose for building

Ocelot Cement hose Specification:

sizeinner diameterwall thickness toleranceouter diameterworking pressureburstiong pressurebend radiusweight
2″50.0 mm9.0±0.75 mm68±1.50 mm85 bar240 bar200 mm2.60 kg/m
2.5″64.0 mm10.0±0.75 mm85±1.50 mm85 bar240 bar250 mm4.30 kg/m
3″76.2 mm12.9±1.00 mm102±1.50 mm85 bar240 bar270 mm6.10 kg/m
3.5″89.0 mm13.5±1.00 mm116±1.50 mm85 bar240 bar290 mm8.00 kg/m
4″101.6 mm14.2±1.00 mm130±1.75 mm85 bar240 bar300 mm9.00 kg/m
4.5″115.0 mm14.0±1.00 mm143±2.00 mm85 bar240 bar320 mm10.20 kg/m
5″127.0 mm16.0±1.00 mm158±2.00 mm85 bar240 bar360 mm12.50 kg/m
6″150.0 mm18.0±1.00 mm168±2.00 mm85 bar240 bar570 mm14.85 kg/m

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