Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose

Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose

Brand Name: Ocelot

Model: Rubber floating hose

Working Pressure: 0.5–3.5MPa

Burst pressure: 3 time W/P

Color: Black with color rubbse strip

Inner diameter: 150–1200mm

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Product Details

Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose

High resilience self-floating mud shooting hose compared with traditional steel sludge discharge pipe, this product combines the performance of traditional steel sludge discharge pipe and plastic float, with anti-wind wave, corrosion resistance and good floating It has many features such as high performance, high working pressure, long service life, and easy assembly. It is especially used in the construction of working waters where the wind and waves are large, and it is an alternative product of traditional sludge pipelines.

1.Overall performance of the Ocelot® floating hose for export:

A) The external floating hose is sealed;
B) The hose can withstand all design loads and coupling loads;
C) Perform functions during service life;
D) The hose material must match the environment it faces;
E) Hose materials must meet corrosion control requirements.

Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose structure
Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose structure
Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose fittings
Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose fittings

2.Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose design requirements and parameters:

A) Inner diameter size 16 inches
B) Hose length 10.67m
C) Design pressure 1.5 Mpa
D) Burst pressure 7.5 Mpa
E) Ambient temperature -29~52°
F) Transport liquid temperature -20~82°
G) The maximum design flow rate is 21m/s
H) The maximum content of aromatic hydrocarbon is 60%
I) 4 times the nominal inner diameter of the bending radius
J) Floating performance 25%
K) Design life 5 years

3.The structure and material requirements of the external floating hose

The external transmission hose is composed of several layers of materials, and different layers play different functions to ensure the integrity and safety of the hose.

The main body of the hose is composed of an inner lining, a reinforced layer, a wound steel wire reinforced layer, a floating layer and an outer layer.

To assist the manufacturing process, add other layers (medium rubber layer, tube outer layer). At the same time, the end members are installed at both ends of the hose to form a complete external floating hose.

3.1 Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose layers and materials

1) Lining: as the inner fluid wall, to prevent fluid from overflowing. This layer is made of materials such as HNBR and PVDF.
2) Reinforcement layer: bear the load from its own weight and end to improve the tensile strength of the hose. The layer is made of nylon cord, polyester cord, steel cord and other materials.
3) Winding steel wire reinforced layer: mainly to improve the integrity of the hose.

Under the action of tension and negative pressure (0.085Mpa) of the hose, the structural size of the hose is maintained. The steel wire material can be high-strength carbon steel or other alloy steel, which is preformed after being processed with filler rubber.

The winding lead and the diameter of the steel wire cross-section vary according to the diameter of the hose.
4) Floating layer: This layer makes the hose have floating performance. The material is a closed-cell microcellular foamed PE sheet material.

It has the characteristics of not absorbing water, bending and breaking. It has a certain elongation rate, and the specific gravity is 0.1 to Between 0.108; or using natural rubber sponge, the specific gravity is 0.15.
5) Outer layer: This layer protects the floating material from damage, and requires aging resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, sunlight resistance, oil resistance, and seawater corrosion resistance.

The material is a rubber layer blended with CR and CSM, CPE or polyurethane material or styrene butadiene rubber.

3.2 Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose end structure

For a complete hose, a key component: pipe end parts. The main pipe of the hose is connected through the flange and the short section, and plays a sealing role, and at the same time bears the load from the reinforcement layer.

The parts are made of forged stainless steel or Duplex SS. The manufacture of flanges and nipples meets ASTMA105M (maximum carbon content 0.25%) and ASTMA-285C/BS1501-151-400A (maximum carbon content 0.23%). Claim.

4.Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose Technical Parameters

IN DIN(mm)Outside Din(mm)Length(mm)
Ocelot® Mainline Submarine Hose Technical Parameters