Plastic Hose floats

Plastic Hose Floats

Product name: Plastic Hose Floats

Brand name: Ocelot

Place of Origin: China

Processing Service: moulding

Model: FT3644-5 foam filled PE material hose floater for dredging

Material: LLDPE+EPS foam

Color available: Customized accepted

Size: 360*410mm

Inner hole: 50mm 2inch

Warranty: 2 Years

Properties of Plastic Hose Floats:

The hull of Plastic Hose Floats are made from PE material with good flexibility, and it is filled with high-density polyurethane foam inside. With reasonable structure and good performances, the polyethylene dredging floaters are ideal to replace the steel pontoons for the floating discharging pipe.

1.Good flexibility and excellent impact resistance, particularly suitable for the installation in the sea;

2.Light weight, easy for installation and handling, with lower costs for transportation;

3.Corrosive Resistance with longer working life, it could work 3 times longer than steel pontoons.

4.The costs and performances are more economical than steel pontoons.

5. Usually, 2 pieces of floaters are worked for 1 pair, 2 pairs for floaters are worked for 1 group, 1 group floaters could float 6-meter-long steel pipe and 1.5-meter-long rubber hose.

Plastic Hose floats
Plastic Hose floats

Dimensions of the Plastic Hose Floats:

Custom-made is available.

ModelI.D(mm)O.D(mm)Length (mm)Thickness (mm)Buoyancy (kg)
Plastic Hose Floats-01110500500798
Plastic Hose Floats-021255008007150
Plastic Hose Floats-031605008007145
Plastic Hose Floats-042206007007180
Plastic Hose Floats-052506007007175
Plastic Hose Floats-062807009007340
Plastic Hose Floats-0731090010008550
Plastic Hose Floats-08320100010009650
Plastic Hose Floats-0935095010009600
Plastic Hose Floats-10390100010009600
Plastic Hose Floats-11400110011009900
Plastic Hose Floats-1245012001200111100
Plastic Hose Floats-1346013001300121400
Plastic Hose Floats-1449513001300121400
Plastic Hose Floats-1552013001450121500
Plastic Hose Floats-1655013001500121750
Plastic Hose Floats-1756014001500121900
Plastic Hose Floats-1860014001600132100
Plastic Hose Floats-1962014501700132400
Plastic Hose Floats-2067015001860142800
Plastic Hose Floats-2172015001860142800
Plastic Hose Floats-2273515001800142700

The application of Plastic Hose Floats

Plastic Hose Floats is made by one-time forming without welding and bonding. Unsinkable design and has a beautiful appearance.

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