Oxygen Hose

Oxygen hose

Product Name: Oxygen Hose

Brand Name: Ocelot

Size: 51mm–76mm

Hose I.D.:51–76mm

Color: Orange or as customers’ requirements

Ocelot Oxygen Hose Description:

1. Gum has excellent antioxidant and heat resistance properties.

2. The hose has high bearing pressure, the geometric deformation of the pipe body under pressure is small, and the bearing pressure is stable.

3. The hose has good tensile resistance and distort fatigue performance.

4. The hose metal joint has good sealing performance and high pull-out strength.

5. Product performance conforms to Q / JYG J02-94.

Red Oxygen Hose
Red Oxygen Hose
Oxygen Hose stock
Oxygen Hose stock

Oxygen Hose Application:

Ocelot Oxygen Hose is for oxygen delivery of steel-making equipment, cooling and circulating water, etc.

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