Sand Blast Suction Hose

Sand Blast Suction Hose
Sand Blast Suction Hose

Product name: Sand Blast Suction Hose

Brand name: Ocelot

Size: ID50MM-2200mm

Materials: Synthertic Rubber

Reinforcement:High strength cord with helix wire

Feature: Anti-abrasion

Safe factor:5:1

Color: Black

WorKing Pressure: 15bar–200 bar.

Sand Blast Suction Hose Specifications:

Sand Blast Suction hose (with steel flange) is assembled with dredgers to deliver silt and gravels. The Wall thickness of the pipe is from 31MM to 58MM. The suitable working temperature is from -20°C to 50°C. It is convenient to install, flexible to use, safe, wearing-resistant, and bending-resistant.


1.Long lifespan,more than 50 years under normal condition.

2.Good corrosion resistance.

3.Good crack growth resistance.

4.Little coefficient of friction and low flow resistance.

5.Excellent wear resistence, its wear restistance is 4 times higher than steel pipes under normal conditons.

6.Good solder ability,its interface strength is higher than the pipe body.

7.Good flexibility and anti-scratch ability.

8.Very high impact resistance.

9. The unique resistance to low temperature, workable at temperature – 40-60 ° c.

10. Light weight, 1/8 weight of steel pipe, easy for transportation and installation.

11. Flexible metal flange for connection, easy for installation and disassembly.

Ocelot Service:

 1. OEM Manufacturing welcome: Product, Package… 
2. Sample order 
3. We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours.
4. After sending, we will track the products for you until you get the products. 

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